Furniture care


Where to find care label and fabric sample

How to identify your model and order details

How to take care of big seat cushions surfaces

How to take care of moving cushions

How to take care of feather and down cushions

Fabric care instructions
Leather care instructions


This practical guide is aimed to help our Customers enjoy their new furniture for many years. It is also intended to provide information about the characteristic features of upholstered furniture, related accessories, raise awareness on different types of fabric and leather used in upholstery and instruct users on how to maintain the furniture depending on the type of cover. It is also intended to provide extra information with respect to comfort, seat types and support pillows.

Additionally, the Handbook is to help in smooth and efficient resolution of any potential claims. It also contains a detailed description of different options for Customers’ comments and the claim procedure stages all the way through dispatch.

Assembly instructions


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