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Discover a curated collection of SITS best selling designer furniture and make them your own.


A fresh combination of comfort and simplicity supported by a modern touch, Brandon’s simple shape is a starting point – you can choose the basic model to serve as a comfortable and elegant piece of furniture.


The more, the merrier. And Colorado offers plenty of comfort and space to share with your loved ones.


The unique backrest and tilted ergonomic footstool distinguishes our bestseller Alex and adds character to the entire room.


Elegant, cosy or surprising? Jenny takes design cues from Scandinavia with delicate proportions and minimalism.


Can you ever have too much of a good thing? Julia offers you a choice many configurations.


Why make a fuss? With clean, simple lines and a single deep and long seat cushion you’ve got all you need to create a comfortable, elegant sofa.


If you are looking to add a clear identity and character to your room, look no further than Moa.


Kids love to play with cushions. Select your backrest cushion size (small, large or a mix of both) and order additional lumbar cushions and headrests to create a playful, friendly space with room for everyone.


Looking for a sofa for the whole family, but with a light, stylish look inspired by Scandinavian design? Well, you might not have to look any further.


How do you want your sofa to look? Add your own personal touch by choosing metal or wooden legs.


Discover our most recent models and make them yours.


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