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  • I denna bild
    Ben: No. 12 wooden
  • I denna bild
    Ben: No. 84 metal
  • I denna bild
    Tyg: Elyot light-turquoise
    Ben: No. 84 metal
  • I denna bild
    Tyg: Moss dark-green
    Ben: No. 84 metal

Don’t let the elegant upholstery and decorative sides fool you. Even if appearances are important, the real hero here is comfort. A perfect combination of high, supportive armrest and the softness of the cushions will allow you to create your very own Cloud of cosiness.

Föreslog tyg ytbehandling

  • Caleido Natur
  • Caleido White
  • Caleido Light Grey
  • Caleido Dark Grey
  • Caleido Powder Pink
  • Caleido Light Beige
  • Caleido Grey-beige
  • Caleido Grey
  • Drom Creme
  • Drom Beige
  • Drom Light Brown
  • Drom Brown
  • Drom Grey
  • Drom Turquise
  • Drom Black
  • Drom Violet

Bläddra genom färgskala

  • Chocolate
  • Deco
  • Fresh winter
  • Industrial charm
  • Lollipop
  • Sunset
  • Underwater world

We are currently working on technical drawings of this model. To know the dimensions use the Product Card.