"Future design for me is a response to changing living conditions and new materials."
Niels Gammelgaard

Niels Gammelgaard föddes 1944 i Köpenhamn. Han studerade industridesign under Erik Herløw på Kongelige Danske Kunstakademi i Köpenhamn och tog examen 1970. 1978 grundade han tillsammans med Lars Mathiesen Pelikan Design, som har formgett och producerat bokstavligen hundratals produkter som sträcker sig från allt mellan små pennor och trehjulingar för barn till sjukhussängar. Pelikan Design är dock mest känt för formgivningen av möbler till offentliga miljöer – kontor, vänthallar, vilorum – och kan namnge många av Danmarks mest prestigefulla möbeltillverkare bland sina klienter, inklusive Fritz Hansen, Bent Krogh samt Fredericia och Erik Jørgensen.

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  • What are your guidelines for the design of the future ?

    Future design for me is a response to changing living conditions and new materials.

  • Which part of furniture is most important for you and why ?

    All furniture is important as handicrafts, but the most important thing is to give also an artistic experience.

  • How does the process of creating furniture look ?

    My work is and has for many years been developing new products, it is easy for me to respond to requirements and specifications. I use my intuition and experience.

  • What are the newest trends in furniture creation ?

    The last 15 years, after 9.11 the trend is to look back. Fear of the future makes the past and its furniture tradition to be trendy.

  • Please give 10 things that you would like to get as gift for your birthday ?

    I always want for my birthday things that you have made and put a thought in.

  • Which is a typical regional dish in your area ? Could you please give a short recipe ?

    I live in a small country surrounded by the sea, so fish in all variations is fantastic. For example boiled cod with horseradish capers hard-boiled eggs and butter.

  • The most interesting journey in your life ?

    In 2010 I traveled to Nairobi, Kenya in photo safari, where I experienced the Masai and get close to the wildlife. I have never experienced anything like.

  • Your favorite place for holiday ?

    My cottage on Österlen in southern Sweden.

  • The best memory from your childhood ?

    To sleep outside in a tent on the first days of spring.

  • Your favorite colour ?


  • Your place of residence ? Small village or big city ?

    In the middle of Copenhagen in a nice apartment.

  • The brand of your car ?

    I have a Mercedes cabriolet 1995 for the summer and a Nissan Navara king cap for the winter.