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    Fabric: King light grey
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    Fabric: King natur

Palma – even further improved relax

The family of Palma furniture has been available in the SITS range for several years already, but in 2017 SITS designers decided to improve it even further. Palma is a part of the SITS home&family collection, consisting of models best suiting needs of families.

CUSTOMISE IT ACCORDING TO YOUR NEEDS: with the Palma family of furniture you can create an individually adapted solution ensuring perfect relax for every member of your family.
NOTE: A simple form of the furniture makes Palma style timeless. The technology used by SITS ensures the seats and backrests are exceptionally soft, but flexible.

THIS FAMILY INCLUDES: sofas, armchairs, ready sets and set components to be individually arranged by a customer (including a chaise longue and a widened divan), and opening storage box. To learn more, see dimensions or download the product datasheet.

We are currently working on technical drawings of this model. To know the dimensions use the Product Card.