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    Fabric: Mattis light turquoise
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    Feet: No.145a metal
  • In this picture
    Feet: No.145a metal

KLARA – timeless beauty

With its classic form and ideal proportions KLARA will delight you for years.

CUSTOMISE: KLARA character depends on feet selection: light wooden feet give KLARA a classic Scandinavian appearance, while with black metal feet this piece of furniture gains modern character. Those loving to relax in a cosy atmosphere will be drawn to the “cosy corner” component that can be used to create an exceptional space for relax.

NOTE: characteristic armrests with a slightly hollow edge a distinguishing feature of this model. KLARA is available in two versions of comfort – lux and standard.

THIS FAMILY CONSISTS OF: 2 types of armchairs (including one over 1.4 m wide), sofas in 3 sizes, a footstool, additional headrest, components for arranging sets (3 types of corner sofas, a chaise lounge, and a divan), as well as 10 ready sets. To learn the details, check dimensions or download a product data sheet.

Suggested fabrics finishes

  • Risco runner natur
  • Risco runner brown
  • Risco runner light olive
  • Risco runner powder pink
  • Risco runner lemon
  • Risco runner blue grey
  • Risco runner dark grey
  • Risco runner light beige
  • Risco runner beige
  • Risco runner light grey
  • Risco runner light brown
  • Risco runner grey
  • Mattis natur
  • Mattis beige
  • Mattis light brown
  • Mattis green
  • Mattis lemon
  • Mattis blue
  • Mattis light turquoise
  • Mattis dark grey
  • Mattis light grey
  • Yeti grey beige
  • Yeti natur
  • Yeti beige
  • Yeti brown
  • Yeti wine red
  • Yeti blue
  • Yeti violet
  • Yeti black brown
  • Yeti black white

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  • Chocolate
  • Deco
  • Fresh winter
  • Industrial charm
  • Lollipop
  • Sunset
  • Underwater world