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    Fabric: Caleido Grey
    Feet: No. 02 wooden
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    Fabric: Malibu velvet light-grey
    Feet: No. 01 wooden
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    Feet: No.145a metal

After a whole day’s work, come back home to relax on your GRAND PRIX – your great reward! It’s up to you what the sofa will look like – you can choose from a range of three types of armrests. It’s good to have a piece of furniture to sit on and relax and to feel a sense of satisfaction after a day of challenges. GRAND PRIX – because you deserve comfort.

Suggested fabrics finishes

  • Caleido Grey

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  • Chocolate
  • Deco
  • Fresh winter
  • Industrial charm
  • Lollipop
  • Sunset
  • Underwater world