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  • In this picture
    Fabric: Nancy Beige
    Feet: No. 19 wooden
  • In this picture
    Feet: No. 19 wooden
  • In this picture
    Feet: No. 19 wooden

BARI is a nice looking sofa with a sleeping option. All elements used are to highlight the simplicity of its form: well-shaped cushions, seats and backrests as well as ideally-profiled legs. The BARI sleeping option is simplified to maximum, the unfolding mechanism does not require much strength. The furniture is equipped with a bedding container as standard, it is supplied with a blanket to protect the upholstery fabric against damage when you sleep.

Suggested fabrics finishes

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  • Drom Beige
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  • Risco runner natur
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  • Risco runner light olive
  • Risco runner powder pink
  • Risco runner lemon
  • Risco runner blue grey
  • Risco runner dark grey
  • Risco runner light beige
  • Risco runner beige
  • Risco runner light grey
  • Risco runner light brown
  • Risco runner grey
  • Vera Dark Beige
  • Vera Grey
  • Vera Brown-grey
  • Vera Black
  • Vera Beige
  • Vera Black-dark brown
  • Vera Natur
  • Vera Red
  • Vera Black Brown

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