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    Tyg: Linen P823 gun metal
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    Tyg: Dover silver
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    Tyg: Malibu velvet turquoise
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    Tyg: Linen P823 spruce

NOVA - inspired by best styles
When we look at NOVA, its shape seems to be familiar. And it is not surprising, because the SITS designers reached back to the 1970s design trends, and using them they created a very successful piece of furniture appealing to contemporary users.
CUSTOMISE: richness of colours, textures and types of fabric in the SITS collection guarantees that the created piece of furniture will perfectly fit your interior.
NOTE: additional cushions on armrests represent an interesting aesthetic approach and are a component increasing a comfort of the furniture.
THIS FAMILY CONSISTS OF: 2 types of armchairs, a footstool, sofas in 2 sizes, components for arranging sets (including ad 3 types of corner sofas), and 10 ready sets. To learn the details, check dimensions or download a product data sheet.

We are currently working on technical drawings of this model. To know the dimensions use the Product Card.