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The Cute armchair will make a small place pleasant.

In general, owners of small flats decide against free-standing armchairs, although they know they lose a comfortable and spectacular component of their interior décor. SITS decided to help in this situation and proposes Cute, an armchair of a light form.

CUSTOMISE: select an upholstery material from our extensive collection and create your ideal armchair. Whether grey or beige, the CUTE armchair is a neutral component of a room. But in lively green or energetic red version it will become a centre piece of an interior décor.

NOTE: Cute is a comfortable armchair of small dimensions. Its spectacular appearance results from loosely flowing upholstery material. The style of this armchair is timeless.

WORTH KNOWING: Cute belongs to the Compact Living range, created for needs of small spaces. The furniture in this range is much smaller than other products from our company, but with their thoroughly considered design and long-term experience, they perfectly embody the philosophy of Comfortable Life, followed by SITS.