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    Fabric: Gobi kotton pink
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    Fabric: Elyot green

LIAM is one of our models whic surely will fit into any apartment thanks to the unlimited arrange possibilities. You are able to choose from our range of frestanding and connectable elements as well as some ready and recommended sets. In this model we have used the our new comfort option. It is these are a special silicone balls which provide the best comfort and are allergen free.

Suggested fabrics finishes

  • Risco runner natur
  • Risco runner brown
  • Risco runner light olive
  • Risco runner powder pink
  • Risco runner lemon
  • Risco runner blue grey
  • Risco runner dark grey
  • Risco runner light beige
  • Risco runner beige
  • Risco runner light grey
  • Risco runner light brown
  • Risco runner grey

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  • Chocolate
  • Deco
  • Fresh winter
  • Industrial charm
  • Lollipop
  • Sunset
  • Underwater world