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  • In this picture
    Fabric: Himalaya Grey-beige
    Feet: Wooden frame
  • In this picture
    Fabric: Himalaya Pink
    Feet: Metal frame
  • In this picture
    Fabric: Classic velvet light turquoise
    Feet: Wooden frame
  • In this picture
    Fabric: Panno Blue
    Feet: Wooden frame

GINEVRA is the queen who made quite a mess among the Round Table Knights at the side of legendary King Arthur. The armchair named after the queen will also arouse great interest. It’s small, but its shape is truly unique. Ginevra is a bit like a throne and a bit like an exhibit on display at a modern art museum. It will certainly attract everybody’s attention. The unique shape of the seat doesn’t mean it’s not comfortable. The armchair is ergonomically shaped. It’s made of highly-elastic foam and comes with lumbar cushions, which makes sitting in it a truly comfortable experience.

Suggested fabrics finishes

  • Panno Charcoal
  • Panno Brown
  • Panno Light Brown
  • Panno Oatmeal Marl
  • Panno Red
  • Panno Orange
  • Panno Pea Green
  • Panno Pink
  • Panno Storm Blue
  • Panno Light Grey
  • Panno Turquise
  • Panno Yellow
  • Panno Light Turquise
  • Panno Blue
  • Panno Checked Green
  • Panno Checked Pink

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