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    Fabric: Vera Grey
    Feet: No. 47 metal
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    Fabric: Elmas grey
    Feet: No. 47 metal
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    Feet: No.119 metal

This domino collection offers you many arrangement options. With numerous items in the collection, the furniture will enrich any interior. You can add variety to this simple-shape furniture items by using different upholstery fabrics. DOMINO – a wealth of options.

Suggested fabrics finishes

  • Drom Creme
  • Drom Beige
  • Drom Light Brown
  • Drom Brown
  • Drom Grey
  • Drom Turquise
  • Drom Black
  • Drom Violet
  • Vera Dark Beige
  • Vera Grey
  • Vera Brown-grey
  • Vera Black
  • Vera Beige
  • Vera Black-dark brown
  • Vera Natur
  • Vera Red
  • Vera Black Brown

Browse by color range

  • Chocolate
  • Deco
  • Fresh winter
  • Industrial charm
  • Lollipop
  • Sunset
  • Underwater world