Bo Westerdahl

Bo Westerdahl: Born 1947 in Karlstad, Sweden – In the province of Värmland well known for its creative and artistic climate. The Westerdahl family has been working for many generations with carpentry, manufacturing of furniture and design.
Bo’s professional career started with the well known furniture designer Professor Carl Malmsten, who for more than 50 years had a main influence on Swedish interior decorating with a very typical Scandinavian style. After finishing school Bo stayed on for 2 years working at Malmsten’s designing office. He spent a year at the Art and Craft School in Prague 1969-1970 which gave him an introduction to European furnishing traditions. From 1970 onwards he has worked with well established Scandinavian furniture manufacturers  and retailers. He has spent 4 years working for Ulferts in London with commercial business, designing and shop layouts.
In 1975 Bo started his own designing office in Stockholm. On a yearly basis he produced his furniture collection, upholstery furniture and wooden furniture which were being sold on the Scandinavian as well as the European market. He has designed more than 70 well known furniture shop layouts and has been represented on exhibitions in different fairs throughout Europe during a period from 1978 until 2008.
The main thread in Bo’s professional career has been the close connection with all parts of the manufacturing process – designing the initial furniture, working together with the manufacturers as well as with the retailers, shop owners etc.
Bo’s style is very Scandinavian – the key words are quality and simplicity. The collection Bo now starts together with SITS is a good example of this.

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